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Here's a summary of what's been completed for G8:

Real-Time / Data Driven Hybrid Engine

Goverlan 8 now uniquely combines a real-time information query engine with a database back end. Retrieve real-time data from accessible machines and the latest database snapshot for inaccessible machines. This way you get a more complete view of your environment.

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Intel® vPro™ Support

With Intel VPro Support, gain total control of your remote systems - even if they are turned off! Remote control the keyboard, video and mouse as if you were physically at the machine, and reboot the system to a BIOS configuration screen or back to Windows. Remotely mount an ISO image for booting.

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New Protocols for Remote Admin & Access

In addition to the LDAP, WMI, GRMC, ICA, RDP and VNC protocols already provided for remote administration and control, G8 now supports Telnet and SSH as well. Now, that's a lot of power in one package!

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Easy User and Computer searching right in the Connect Box

No more relying on out-of-date computer name labels or trying to describe how to retrieve a host name over the phone. Simply enter the user's Active Directory account name and Goverlan will tell you where the user is logged in!

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Floating Views for customized workspaces and monitoring

Mix and match different connection protocols and add them together for custom, flexible layouts. Float all of your windows and save the layouts for quick and easy connection dashboards.

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Easier Configuration Management with Enhanced Scope Action UI

Goverlan's Scope Actions screens now allow you to see the progress of your configuration management tasks with easy to use task views and progress charts. Search specific actions with a keyword to find the actions you need quickly.

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What's in the works...

More Enhancements!

We are not stopping here! We've received great feature requests from our user community – Thank You! We want to continue to provide you with a great product so keep participating and make those votes count!

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